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Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale Suppliers

Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale SuppliersIf you are on the hunt for legitimate, high-quality wholesale suppliers, one of the best places to start is at an industry trade show.

When launching an e-commerce business, one of the most challenging steps in the process is finding honest and reliable wholesale suppliers. It is tough to ascertain the quality of a company simply by viewing their website, and since many suppliers may be located in a different country, it can be equally complicated to visit their warehouse in person.

Trade shows can be the perfect solution because they provide access to literally hundreds of wholesale suppliers all in a single location. Let’s consider some of the benefits of attending an industry trade show.

The Benefits of Trade Shows

    1. Suppliers that display their products at trade shows must submit an application and be accepted by the trade show committee and organisers beforehand. Often there is a strict verification procedure involved with this meaning only the most reputable suppliers are accepted.
    2. Suppliers are often required to pay high fees for booth space at the trade show, ensuring most of the participants are serious suppliers who are legitimately interested in gaining your business.
    3. With hundreds of trade suppliers in a single location, you should find plenty of new ideas and potential product lines.
    4. Trade shows provide real insights into new lines and industry trends.

Finding Trade Shows in Your Industry

The best place to begin your trade show search is through industry publications or organizations that typically advertise trade shows around the globe for their industry. You can also check the schedules for local venues in your area that typically host these types of shows. London’s Earls Court & Olympia or the Birmingham NEC are prime venues for trade related events. Another excellent source of information, leads and past experiences are industry forums tailored for trade shows, fairs & exhibitions along with industry blogs.

Tips for Success

    1. Make sure you take plenty of business cards and company literature. Don’t leave printing to the last minute!
    2. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing plus bring a notepad and a pen.
    3. If the show permits you to, take along a camera so you can take pictures of the booths and merchandise you liked the best.
    4. Collect as much information and print materials as you possibly can. You can always weed out the pertinent from the unnecessary after the show.
    5. Prepare to network with others in the industry. Gleam as much information, advice and tips as you possibly can, these opportunities don’t come around often!

Trade shows are a proven method to contact a large number of suppliers at a single time. With proper preparation and the right attitude, your time spent should reap positive, productive results that can help to build your small business. Good luck!

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