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Dividend Tax Changes on 6 April 2016

New tax changes as to how dividends are taxed are due to take effect from 6th April 2016. Continue reading “Dividend Tax Changes on 6 April 2016” »


Why Businesses Need A Staff Handbook?

Your staff handbook will play an essential role in maintaining success and progress of your company. Continue reading “Why Businesses Need A Staff Handbook?” »


How to make sure your business marketing is on track for 2016

October, November and December are months during which plans are begun for the following year. Continue reading “How to make sure your business marketing is on track for 2016” »


Stand Firm on the Price!

You see, there seems to me to be such pressure from customers on businesses to discount or “do a deal”. Continue reading “Stand Firm on the Price!” »


Budgeting-Setting Up Your Business- Part 6

In my last blog I wrote about brainstorming to come up with a business idea and importantly afterwards to eliminate all of those ideas that failed for some reason or other. Continue reading “Budgeting-Setting Up Your Business- Part 6” »


How To Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes

If you’re an experienced business person, regardless of whether your our experience is online or on the high street, I think you’d agree that we can take for granted certain processes or actions that come naturally to us. Of course that’s why we found ourselves self employed. Continue reading “How To Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes” »


Brainstorming-Setting up Your Business Part 5

In my last blog, I wrote a lot about inspiration and ideas, indeed I think we decided you were setting up a Yoga studio!? I jest, but such fluid thought is really important and that’s what the process of “Brainstorming” is all about. Continue reading “Brainstorming-Setting up Your Business Part 5” »


Setting Up your Own Business- Part 4

New business? What are you going to sell? Continue reading “Setting Up your Own Business- Part 4” »


Setting up your own business- Part 3

Following on from my last blog, “setting up your own businessContinue reading “Setting up your own business- Part 3” »


So you want to set up your own business -Part 2

Following on from my last blog, “Have you ever wondered about setting up an online business?” Continue reading “So you want to set up your own business -Part 2” »


Have you ever wondered about setting up your own business?

Many of us have and the challenges are many. Continue reading “Have you ever wondered about setting up your own business?” »


The Peter Principle

Is there such a thing as the Peter Principle?

After being introduced to a dynamic, tenacious businesswomen recently, a close friend of mine decided to invest in her company, because the only thing lacking seemed to be a decent level of funding. Continue reading “The Peter Principle” »


What Drives Businesses To The Wall?

Its one thing to have a great business idea…

Continue reading “What Drives Businesses To The Wall?” »


The etiquette of working abroad

I have been aware for some time, that behavior, or let us to be more precise say “the way you greet and interact with someone from another country, particularly an Asian country, can leave a lasting impression”. A lasting impression be that a good one or a bad one, certainly a lasting one. Continue reading “The etiquette of working abroad” »


Data protection answers to small business questions

Contrary to popular belief “Data Protection” does not ban you from doing everyday common sense things to run your business.  Continue reading “Data protection answers to small business questions” »


Principles of Management

If you’re contributing to a blog, a blog of any kind on any subject, it is often a challenge to decide what to write about or how to write it. Well we’ve written many articles on management and today I thought… “well, why not go back to basics” after all, many, many of us have had many years of experience, yet every month there are people new to management. Continue reading “Principles of Management” »


Important Changes to VAT on Digital Services

If you sell digital services such as music or software downloads, e-books or online videos then from 1st January 2015 if you are selling these internationally you will have to determine whether your customers are businesses or not and where they are based. Continue reading “Important Changes to VAT on Digital Services” »


The New Flexible Working Rules and What It Means For Your Business

After 26 weeks employment, all employees now statutorily have the right to request flexible working and as an Employer you are legally obliged to consider this and go through a consideration and handling process.

As an employer you may groan about the extra bureaucracy and administration costs, however you should now be putting a flexible working policy in place whether you like it or not.
Government statistics show (“lies, damned lies and statistics” I hear you shouting!) that offering flexible working practices will lead to economic benefits through improved efficiency and employee satisfaction. There are also many business advocates who say that allowing greater flexibility will help motivate staff , increase productivity and reduce the hassle of staff turnover which may actually reduce costs.

It is also not a fait accompli. Although your employees have the right to request flexible working practices as an employer you still has the right to refuse if you have a valid business reason. It is a right to ask and not a right to have.

If you do reject the request it must be for one of the following business reasons as set out in the legislation:

  • the burden of additional costs,
  • an inability to reorganise work amongst existing staff
  • an inability to recruit additional staff
  • a detrimental impact on quality
  • a detrimental impact on performance
  • detrimental effect on ability to meet customer demand
  • insufficient work for the periods the employee proposes to work
  •  planned structural change to your business

More details of the full request ,consideration and handling process can be found here.

Recent survey results by Citrix have shown that only 43% of  SMB’s support the decision and 21% believe this will have a negative impact time.  A survey by Fraser Young employment law specialists found 84pc of employers expect the new right to cause resentment among staff. More than half predict the change will adversely affect the day-to-day running of businesses.

My opinion for what it’s worth is rather than focusing on how many hours an employee has worked , put systems in place to ensure that their objectives are met ,focus on the quality of work and that your employees are actually enhancing your business. You may be surprised.


The Current State of European Car sales

Back in December 2012, it was reported that car sales in Europe had sunk to their lowest point since 1995. Italian manufacturer Fiat SpA (F), Renault SA and PSA Peugeot Citroen had the biggest falls in sales. This is due to a third-quarter recession in the 17 countries using the euro. Continue reading “The Current State of European Car sales” »


The Discipline of Focus

To focus is surely one of the most important disciplines.. Continue reading “The Discipline of Focus” »

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