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Online, speed is everything

High Speed Internet GraphSlow internet connections are one of the most irritating – and destructive – problems facing UK small businesses today. If the internet goes down altogether doing anything can be well-nigh impossible – not to mention the danger of missing clients, or potential clients, who are trying to get in touch. Continue reading “Online, speed is everything” »


Will How We Use Search Engines Change? Is Continuous Scrolling the answer?

Will How We Use Search Engines Change?In the early days of Google it was great. When looking for information or to buy something I found a whole range of other outlets for information, shops and products that I would have previously been unaware of, and that would have been difficult to research or find otherwise. It gave me so much more choice and options. Continue reading “Will How We Use Search Engines Change? Is Continuous Scrolling the answer?” »


Think before you tweet!

In woodwork you’re told to measure twice and cut once – for social media there should be a similar rule, such as “plan once and test offline ad nausea” Continue reading “Think before you tweet!” »


So you lost all your mobile contacts!

I wonder how many of you have lost your mobile contact list? Well I flippin’ have and that’s for sure. Ok, so I might find IT generally a bit daunting and welcome the daily range of new content, ideas and applications with a resounding sigh, but I do… wait for it… have an iPhone and I do… have an iMac! Continue reading “So you lost all your mobile contacts!” »


Smartphones: Does your business need one?

Smartphones: does your business need one?Technology is said to be an entrepreneur’s best friend and a great example of how it can help our businesses lies with smartphones. These all purpose companions have quickly turned into a must-have accessory for business owners. Here are a few reasons why. Continue reading “Smartphones: Does your business need one?” »


Website Hosting – Choosing the right solution for your business

Website Hosting - Choosing the right solutions for your businessChoosing the right hosting solution is one of the most important considerations when launching (or re-launching) a website. Picking the right host or configuration can mean the difference between a fast, snappy website or one that is sorely lacking. In this post I’ll cover some of the basic considerations to keep in mind when choosing a web host. Continue reading “Website Hosting – Choosing the right solution for your business” »


Checking that a Company or Professional Consultant is really Google Adwords Qualified or a Certified Partner

We have recently been looking for an AdWords professional to implement and manage AdWords campaigns for a new website in a competitive market place. As with any supplier or consultant it’s important that we employ a company or individual that is highly experienced and qualified and therefore decided that our first requirement Continue reading “Checking that a Company or Professional Consultant is really Google Adwords Qualified or a Certified Partner” »


Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business

When it comes to launching a new website, the domain name is simply something you cannot afford to get wrong. Getting the right domain can make all the difference to your rankings and brand image so in this post, I want to explore just a few factors that you should be aware of before picking the perfect domain Continue reading “Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Business” »


Apps for the SME Sector

Yesterday it was the fax and today it’s the app. What next? Technology moves quickly and although faxes have hopefully run out of toner for the last time, it seems likely that the app is here to stay. For small business owners staying on top of the rapidly changing world of IT is essential. Cloud computing and the rapidly expanding world Continue reading “Apps for the SME Sector” »