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Coffee Time


I just can’t seem to get around to it!

Sometimes its just hard to get down to it… Continue reading “I just can’t seem to get around to it!” »


Being Charming In Business

My last blog considered the subject of being “nice” in business… Continue reading “Being Charming In Business” »


Inspirational Thoughts to Keep You Motivated

Ramblings of a business blogger and a few great ideas to keep you going and inspire new thought…

Forgive me if you’ve heard some of these, but life and business can be a challenge and sometimes we just need a little nudge, so here are some great “nudges” that I like – I hope you like them too.

  • Remember the drains and radiators – If you’re spending too much time with people who drain your energy, shift the balance and spend more time with people who warm your heart – they’ll feel the same way.
  • If you’re writing, try not to stop with a sigh when you reach the end of a chapter, try to start the next chapter with enthusiasm. When you pick up your pen or brush again (ok put your finger on your keyboard again) you’ll know exactly where to start.
  • If you hit writers block, don’t allow it to stop you in your tracks. Make some memorable note, perhaps change font colour and just carry on with the next point. Your subconscious will most probably fill the gaps in whilst you’re at lunch and you’ll come rushing back to carry on.
  • Try and take a few moments every day to thank the powers that are greater than all of us for the good things in life – sometimes it’s difficult, but it’s also habit forming and really does put things in balance and helps though the more difficult days. Glass full rather than empty and all that. Sounds trite but positivity is a habit that can make you happy.
  • Remember how your favorite music fills your soul? Well take 5 minutes and play some to yourself, then head back to work with renewed intent.
  • If your life is getting you down, always remember you can change it – Yes you can! Of course they’ll be consequences, but you can change things and just maybe the consequences are stepping-stones to a better life.

Remember, even back in (I think) 1934 Dale Carnegie said “don’t settle for being mediocre or setting your sights too low, you could be selling yourself short!

Until next time…


Stand Firm on the Price!

You see, there seems to me to be such pressure from customers on businesses to discount or “do a deal”. Continue reading “Stand Firm on the Price!” »


How To Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes

If you’re an experienced business person, regardless of whether your our experience is online or on the high street, I think you’d agree that we can take for granted certain processes or actions that come naturally to us. Of course that’s why we found ourselves self employed. Continue reading “How To Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes” »


Brainstorming-Setting up Your Business Part 5

In my last blog, I wrote a lot about inspiration and ideas, indeed I think we decided you were setting up a Yoga studio!? I jest, but such fluid thought is really important and that’s what the process of “Brainstorming” is all about. Continue reading “Brainstorming-Setting up Your Business Part 5” »


Setting Up your Own Business- Part 4

New business? What are you going to sell? Continue reading “Setting Up your Own Business- Part 4” »


9 simple ways to attract more customers to your store

Since the crumple of the economy in many countries across the world in 2008, businesses are struggling. Although the main economic pain may have past, many businesses are still finding slender profit margins. Continue reading “9 simple ways to attract more customers to your store” »


Setting up your own business- Part 3

Following on from my last blog, “setting up your own businessContinue reading “Setting up your own business- Part 3” »


So you want to set up your own business -Part 2

Following on from my last blog, “Have you ever wondered about setting up an online business?” Continue reading “So you want to set up your own business -Part 2” »


The story of a logo…

Ok, I’m opinionated, I admit it, but I wonder if I’ll be  vindicated here and I’ll explain more… Continue reading “The story of a logo…” »


The Offer of Government Apprenticeships

When I was at school I recall some of the boys getting apprenticeships with the then Austin Rover Continue reading “The Offer of Government Apprenticeships” »


The Peter Principle

Is there such a thing as the Peter Principle?

After being introduced to a dynamic, tenacious businesswomen recently, a close friend of mine decided to invest in her company, because the only thing lacking seemed to be a decent level of funding. Continue reading “The Peter Principle” »


What Drives Businesses To The Wall?

Its one thing to have a great business idea…

Continue reading “What Drives Businesses To The Wall?” »


The etiquette of working abroad

I have been aware for some time, that behavior, or let us to be more precise say “the way you greet and interact with someone from another country, particularly an Asian country, can leave a lasting impression”. A lasting impression be that a good one or a bad one, certainly a lasting one. Continue reading “The etiquette of working abroad” »


Can I Retire Now?

It seems almost surreal to say so to some people “you could retire now”, but I really do wonder if people who would love to semi retire or finish working entirely have really thought carefully enough about the process or just leave it as an unfathomable dream? Continue reading “Can I Retire Now?” »


A Black Economy?

All indications are that even though high street spending has recently increased,new car registrations are breaking records and whilst we can shout “statistics and dam statistics”, with higher consumer spending and un-employment both low and in decline one would expect Government tax income to be growing, but it isn’t! So what’s happening? Continue reading “A Black Economy?” »


Diamonds As Investments

Although everyone appreciates the beauty of diamonds, not many see them as the investment that they are. Continue reading “Diamonds As Investments” »


Property Investment and Buy-To-Let in a Nutshell

If you’re lucky enough to have a tidy lump sum and little debt it’s a dilemma as to what to do with the money. With interest rates at an all time low leaving your money to erode in a bank account is out of the question, there is little confidence in pension funds, the stock exchange is volatile and how do you go about choosing the right fund anyway? Continue reading “Property Investment and Buy-To-Let in a Nutshell” »


Have Visitors But No Sales- What’s the problem?

So your online shop has lots of visitors but few sales…

Yes I know this is an old well worn subject and yes there are many articles on the subject, but I just wonder how many people miss the obvious. Continue reading “Have Visitors But No Sales- What’s the problem?” »

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