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Forget the marketing, we’re all for social media…

said the unemployed marketing manager! Ok, so social media must be the biggest buzz word for most companies now and lets face it, the way a company communicates with its prospects and potential customers has changed exponentially over the last few years. For many it’s difficult to grasp all the Facebook, Twitter ,“likes” and stuff (especially if you’re over 50), however are we able to drop the traditional marketing – indeed more to the point, should we? Well before you think I’ve finally lost it, I for one sit securely in the NO camp! Continue reading “Forget the marketing, we’re all for social media…” »


So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…

According to a recent report, YouTube, which is now owned by Google of course, is considering introducing a series of channels that you’ll have to pay for. The rumoured monthly charge is as low as $1.99US or about £1.20 or so, but the big thing is not the amount of the charge so much as the charge! Continue reading “So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…” »


Scream your way to a holiday in Norway

Help create the longest scream in the world. Visitnorway has launched a great viral campaign to celebrate the famous painting The Scream by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

It’s a bit of fun and all you have to do is share your travel screams by Continue reading “Scream your way to a holiday in Norway” »


So How Good is Social Media & Reputation Management?

Given the ongoing meteoric rise of social media, which includes video of course, you just can’t be too careful!

I read recently in the Times (in Costas if you must ask, a popular haunt of mine where I spend far too much time and money, but where Continue reading “So How Good is Social Media & Reputation Management?” »


Apps for the SME Sector

Yesterday it was the fax and today it’s the app. What next? Technology moves quickly and although faxes have hopefully run out of toner for the last time, it seems likely that the app is here to stay. For small business owners staying on top of the rapidly changing world of IT is essential. Cloud computing and the rapidly expanding world Continue reading “Apps for the SME Sector” »


A Personal Account of Self Publishing

Self publishing is taking off. My experience was with Amazon. All you need is an Amazon account and to follow the step by step guide.

Unknown authors like myself have nothing to lose following this route and everything to gain Continue reading “A Personal Account of Self Publishing” »