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Social Media


12 Tips for Choosing a Digital or Internet Marketing Agency

From a lay persons stand point how does a technophobe director of a small company choose the right digital agency to promote their website? In such a competitive market with so many agencies to choose and all of them waxing lyrical about how good they are, where do you start Continue reading “12 Tips for Choosing a Digital or Internet Marketing Agency” »


Using Facebook for Customer Service

In our experience, resourcing a social media campaign internally or outsourcing to a digital agency is not practical for most small businesses who are, at the very least, sceptical or do not have the time nor the budget to invest in something that doesn’t provide any specific or measureable return on investment Continue reading “Using Facebook for Customer Service” »


The Key to Blogging

So many people find writing a blog difficult and I can’t blame them! What do you write about, how do you write it, why does nobody read the darn thing or want to link to it – well I was sitting at home chatting to my other half the other day and he commented about a regular e-mail he receives. Continue reading “The Key to Blogging” »


Twesumes- your CV or resume in 140 characters. Utter Tosh

Well,  we must be truthful and say that’s our own opinion of what CNN (we must credit the news channel with the original story) report is the hottest way to send your CV. Called predictably “twesumes” it involves as I’m sure you’ve guessed, writing  your CV as a Tweet in 140 characters. Continue reading “Twesumes- your CV or resume in 140 characters. Utter Tosh” »


So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…

According to a recent report, YouTube, which is now owned by Google of course, is considering introducing a series of channels that you’ll have to pay for. The rumoured monthly charge is as low as $1.99US or about £1.20 or so, but the big thing is not the amount of the charge so much as the charge! Continue reading “So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…” »


To Blog or Not to Blog?

To Blog or Not to BlogSo could I be saying that unless you have a burning desire to write, you’re wasting your time with a blog? – err… no… but then again, perhaps?

The point of this vacillation is that with the untold millions of blogs out there, there are precious few that are followed and of real value. Continue reading “To Blog or Not to Blog?” »


Will How We Use Search Engines Change? Is Continuous Scrolling the answer?

Will How We Use Search Engines Change?In the early days of Google it was great. When looking for information or to buy something I found a whole range of other outlets for information, shops and products that I would have previously been unaware of, and that would have been difficult to research or find otherwise. It gave me so much more choice and options. Continue reading “Will How We Use Search Engines Change? Is Continuous Scrolling the answer?” »


Think before you tweet!

In woodwork you’re told to measure twice and cut once – for social media there should be a similar rule, such as “plan once and test offline ad nausea” Continue reading “Think before you tweet!” »


Online Content & Marketing – What can a Small Business do to Compete?

Since all the recent Google changes targeting spam, online comment and blogosphere is talking about quality, targeted content to attract customers as well as improving rankings on Google Continue reading “Online Content & Marketing – What can a Small Business do to Compete?” »


Smartphones: Does your business need one?

Smartphones: does your business need one?Technology is said to be an entrepreneur’s best friend and a great example of how it can help our businesses lies with smartphones. These all purpose companions have quickly turned into a must-have accessory for business owners. Here are a few reasons why. Continue reading “Smartphones: Does your business need one?” »