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The dictionary defines outsourcing as the process of contracting out work or jobs, like a business that retains an accountant to produce its management accounts rather than employ someone directly and of course this can apply to a vast array of industries or services (think about the person who cleans your office? I'd be surprised if they're on the payroll as a direct employee).

Our subscribers offer an array of outsourced services including payroll, human resource support advice and guidance, web development and maintenance of online systems, in fact any service that by outsourcing can save a business time and money..

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 Nubis 365 Ltd

Nubis 365 Ltd   telephone  01536 428937  

Oakley House, 3 Saxon Way West, Great Oakley, Corby NN18 9EZ


IT Support Services with an 8:00 am IT helpdesk specialising in the food industry, Accounting and Wealth Management sectors. Covering the East of England including Leicester and Market Harborough, Peterborough & Cambridgeshire

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The Benefits of outsourcing services and training include:

  1. Access to expertise that is unavailable in house and would otherwise be difficult to achieve
  2. More Flexibilty - Incurring costs and using services only when required or needed
  3. Reduction in staff bureaucracy and HR costs
  4. Reduction in staff costs -Training and hiring staff can be an expensive process as well as keeping up with all the Employment Regulations
  5. Efficiency and Growth - Allows Management to prioritise more efficiently and concentrate on growth and strategic development
  6. More Accountability - As a supplier your outsourcer is more easily answerable for bad service provision for which you can either withhold payment and change your outsourcer quickly. Going through employment disciplinary procedures is extremely difficult and can be extremely distracting
  7. Reduction in liability - Outsourcers should be experts in their fields and properly insured and are more likely to ensure you are legally compliant

9 Tips for choosing the right outsourcer for your business:

  1. Ascertain the outsourcing service required and what you are trying to achieve by outsourcing
  2. Ensure that you agree the scope and capacity of the service or project being outsourced and that this is included in any formal agreement or arrangement
  3. Ask your business networks, colleagues and friends and use LinkedIn as a starting point for a shortlist of outsourcers to contact
  4. Ask questions and interview them as though you would be hiring them as an employee
  5. Ensure that there is a personality or culture fit with your organisation and that the outsourcer has a portfolio and testimonials of previous clients
  6. Get quotes from a number of companies and ensure that you check references and testimonials.
  7. Check their credentials
  8. Fix a cost where possible and ensure you are aware of any extra’s and obviously that these are included in a formal agreement
  9. Credit check your outsourcer as if you will be working with them on a major project or long term you want to ensure that they will remain in business




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