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Finding the right Nursing Home for you or your loved one is, obviously, of immense concern.

Fortunately, there are many very good Nursing Homes from which to choose, as they all have to comply with a set of standards set down in various laws and there are regulatory bodies, wherever you are in GB & NI, which inspect and ensure that these standards are maintained and the laws complied with.

These standards include treating people with dignity and respect, that there is suitable drink and nutrition available, that safeguarding policies are in place and that there is a warm, clean environment.

So, wherever you look, you can have the assurance that standards pertaining to the delivery of high-quality care, will be met: there will be a consistency and uniformity in this. All the Nursing Homes listed below will be happy to welcome you and show you round. Give them a call.

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UK Nursing Homes:

Nursecall Bits
Online Nursecall Shop for all Nursecall spare parts and accessories
Promedica24 have been providing care at home for over a decade as a genuine alternative to residential care homes. We believe in offering the highest quality of care through experience, kindness, knowledge and friendship.
The Harley Street Care

Harley Street Care is a leading domiciliary care agency for those seeking high quality care and support at home.

The Oaks Nursing Home
Our nursing home is located in Newport, South Wales with beautiful gardens. The Oaks has numerous facilities including day care and respite care.
Innisfree Care Home
Innisfree Care Home is located in Weston Super Mare and provides expert care for dementia patients as well as being an ordinary care home for the elderly.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Nursing Home

Of course, not all Nursing Homes are the same. They will differ, in terms of their geographical location, their bricks and mortar and grounds, but also in the facilities they offer.

Some will provide basic nursing care and assistance in daily living tasks while others, additionally, will offer a range of rehabilitative therapies. Therefore prices will vary accordingly, as will the make-up and skills of the staff.

For such an important decision though, nothing will beat visiting and having a look for yourself. There are various intangibles which no pictures or words can describe, but which you will get an impression of only by experiencing in them person: the surroundings, the atmosphere and airiness, the luxuriousness and the general ambience.

It may well be these impressions and actually talking to people, both staff and the service-users, that finally determine your choice.



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