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Options for mobile phones are so extensive it can be confusing - what package? How many texts? Free minutes? 3G, 4G and Internet access! To help clear the wood from the trees, scroll down our list of subscribers who are here to help you choose the mobile phone package that's best for you.

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Mobile Phone Tariffs

UK mobile phone tariffs are becoming increasingly competitive with some cheap deals on pay monthly contracts and upgrades now available on the latest smartphones and Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy, Iphone, HTC Desire S, HTC Sensation and LG Optimus.

EE 4G Network

Check to see if you are covered on the 4G network at

Iphone Deals

Currently, the lowest price Iphone' and Samsung Galaxy contract deals are around £30-£40 per on 24 month 4G contracts for unlimited minutes and texts. Data charges on these vary and the cheaper options have a lower data allowance. The more data the greater the cost.

If you travel a lot you can also add a monthly amount to include calls from non EU countries as part of your minutes plan on certain networks

For more information on smart phones and choosing the best mobile phone plans check with the UK's leading network providers:

Vodafone O2 Orange Three T-Mobile
Vodafone O2 Orange Three T-Mobile

Phones LTD

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Mobile Phone Companies:

Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts
Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts - If you are or have struggled to get a new mobile phone contract then apply with us to get approved.
SIM only deals
We compare the latest SIM only deals. Providing the latest offers from leading telecommunication providers in the UK on pay monthly SIM only deals.



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