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I was always told the three most important things in appointing a consultant were; 1) Chemistry, 2) Chemistry and 3) Chemistry. Assuming you've appointed that all important person to help you on your way though, how do you ensure you get the best out of the relationship? Well importantly of course they need to understand what YOU need and they need a clear brief, so below we've created a simple 10 point check-list to help you on your way.

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11 Point Check List for working with a Consultant
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  1. Have you been clear about your requirements? Not the wishy-washy, we need help because things aren't working, but clear definable measurable objectives e.g. we need to reduce wastage by 30% because we get too many returns
  2. Have you got buy-in from your peers and management team? If you don't involve them from the start they will only side step any involvement and leave it to you
  3. If you need the consultant to give a view across systems, ensure they are impartial and have the charisma to address the Board and challenge the current process
  4. Prepare criteria for a shortlist and draw that list together
  5. Invite consultants to put forward their proposals in writing
  6. Get those consultants to meet you and chat to them, first formally then in a more relaxed environment - over a coffee perhaps, as you need to feel you can work with them. It may seem "weedy" but you need to like them
  7. Remember to ask leading questions such as Who, What, Why, Where, When and How - How would you initially approach XYZ? Pushes them into a fully considered response and remember they want the business and you don't want them to agree blindly with you just to get the account!
  8. Next, create a matrix of their responses, just like interviewing for an employee - when asked X what did they reply and how did that reply compare with the others. Which of the replies most engaged with our company challenge
  9. Select your consultant and explain to everyone in the departments why this person is working with you
  10. Ensure you will have regular feedback in a format you agree
  11. And finally... ensure there is a clear end date (even if YOU have to move it) and objective




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