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The UK business blog will provide information and advice on a wide range of business related topics including finance, employment, law, marketing, training, the Internet and everything in between!

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a valuable source of information, offering guidance from industry experts to help you to grow your business throughout 2012 and beyond. Our experts write for all experience levels, so whether you're new to business, a serial entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, we hope you’ll find our articles of interest and share your thoughts with others.


Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale Suppliers

Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale SuppliersIf you are on the hunt for legitimate, high-quality wholesale suppliers, one of the best places to start is at an industry trade show.

When launching an e-commerce business, one of the most challenging steps in the process is finding honest and reliable wholesale suppliers. Continue reading “Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale Suppliers” »


First quarter results encouraging for UK businesses

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have just announced the results of their economic review for the first quarter of 2012 and it looks as though the UK is going to avoid the dreaded double dip recession.  This is encouraging news for small businesses who’ve been the hardest hit in the economic turmoil Continue reading “First quarter results encouraging for UK businesses” »


A Personal Account of Self Publishing

Self publishing is taking off. My experience was with Amazon. All you need is an Amazon account and to follow the step by step guide.

Unknown authors like myself have nothing to lose following this route and everything to gain Continue reading “A Personal Account of Self Publishing” »


Using Facebook for Customer Service

In our experience, resourcing a social media campaign internally or outsourcing to a digital agency is not practical for most small businesses who are, at the very least, sceptical or do not have the time nor the budget to invest in something that doesn’t provide any specific or measureable return on investment Continue reading “Using Facebook for Customer Service” »


8 tips for reducing recruitment costs for cash strapped small businesses

With high recruitment agency fees of at least 20% of annual salary, looking for alternative methods of recruiting is a high priority for a lot of small businesses. We thought that we would summarise a few ideas that have recently helped our limited budget start up businesses to recruit some great staff Continue reading “8 tips for reducing recruitment costs for cash strapped small businesses” »


Summary of the main changes of the March 2012 Budget for small businesses

Importantly this is our view of the budget and a summary of the main areas affecting small businesses. We welcome your comments, opinions and discussion. Please ensure that you confer with your tax advisor and accountant and we recommend that you speak with your accountant to ensure that you plan effectively Continue reading “Summary of the main changes of the March 2012 Budget for small businesses” »


Using your pension to help your business – an introduction

We regularly meet business people who are disillusioned with traditional pension planning, a lack of control, poor performing investments and inflexibility are just three of the issues often raised.

These concerns, plus seemingly constant interference Continue reading “Using your pension to help your business – an introduction” »

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