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The UK business blog will provide information and advice on a wide range of business related topics including finance, employment, law, marketing, training, the Internet and everything in between!

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a valuable source of information, offering guidance from industry experts to help you to grow your business throughout 2012 and beyond. Our experts write for all experience levels, so whether you're new to business, a serial entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, we hope you’ll find our articles of interest and share your thoughts with others.


So you now have an e-commerce shop but what should you do?

As an accountant, it occurred to me just recently that there are many people who’ve established online shopping websites and sit wondering why they aren’t performing as well as expected and where they should be allocating their budgets. Continue reading “So you now have an e-commerce shop but what should you do?” »


“Ever thought you just have too much info!”…


I for sure do! But thinking about it, I can’t help feeling that sometimes it’s my own fault (yes you got that right – my own fault) thing is I tend to be a bit nice, I don’t like to say no, I have time for your survey and truthfully I can get side-tracked by  interesting e-mails and I just have to check my emails every 60 seconds! Yes perhaps I’m my own worst enemy? Continue reading ““Ever thought you just have too much info!”…” »


Keeping Your Business Safe


Having your business property broken into or vandalised can be a very traumatic event for any business owner, often resulting in insurance claims being made or having to spend out of your own pocket to replace your much needed equipment.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you think your business property might lack in security – or if the property might be vacant for a considerable amount of time – make sure to invest in a good anti-intruder system.

Continue reading “Keeping Your Business Safe” »


As cooking is to management

Ok, so perhaps you know I love food and cooking, but “as cooking is to management”? Well after organising a supper for friends recently the similarities between orchestrating a wonderful supper and the day to running of a busy business are indeed similar. For it all to go smoothly, it sure does involve a deal of skill and minute to minute co-ordination. Continue reading “As cooking is to management” »


Twesumes- your CV or resume in 140 characters. Utter Tosh

Well,  we must be truthful and say that’s our own opinion of what CNN (we must credit the news channel with the original story) report is the hottest way to send your CV. Called predictably “twesumes” it involves as I’m sure you’ve guessed, writing  your CV as a Tweet in 140 characters. Continue reading “Twesumes- your CV or resume in 140 characters. Utter Tosh” »


Motor’s Most Deserving Business

With current business owners feeling the sting of a harsh financial climate right now, an even bigger pressure is on for anyone who is in the process of setting up their own enterprise. Without the monetary resources for self-promotion, how can a fledgling business expect to attract the customers it so desperately needs to attain its financial goals? Continue reading “Motor’s Most Deserving Business” »


Vans for Your Business: Buy or Rent?

Despite all of the jokes about white van men, van transportation is essential for many businesses to run successfully and efficiently, and the cost of a van should be factored in to business finances. But is it better to buy or rent a van? There are certainly pros and cons of each approach, depending on your business needs, and it is important to consider all factors before making a decision of this nature. Continue reading “Vans for Your Business: Buy or Rent?” »


Do I Really Need Key Person Insurance?

Successful businesses are built on successful people. It’s easy to forget things like insurance when you are busy running your company, chasing the next deal or contract. Business protection is something many companies don’t even know about. That’s until something happens to their key person. Continue reading “Do I Really Need Key Person Insurance?” »


So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…

According to a recent report, YouTube, which is now owned by Google of course, is considering introducing a series of channels that you’ll have to pay for. The rumoured monthly charge is as low as $1.99US or about £1.20 or so, but the big thing is not the amount of the charge so much as the charge! Continue reading “So we read that YouTube plans to start charging…” »


Unequal pay for a job well done?

This video made us smile. I guess you might feel a bit sorry for the poor monkey who loses out also, but it just goes to show a natural distaste for unfairness.

Could there be a business lesson there for us? Could it relate to the business world? Certainly there are many, many people who feel distaste at the obscene payments to bank executives and the appointment of their cronies who continue the same circle of abuse, but what about younger or less experienced employee’s who learn very quickly and perform their role better than their peers – food (if you’ll excuse the pun) for thought.


A Clampdown on Tax Avoidance in 2013

A Clampdown on Tax Avoidance in 2013It seems that the government are finally starting to react to the public outcry over tax avoidance and evasion. In the past, the government have been wary of upsetting the rich in the UK over fears that they would take their business overseas. Continue reading “A Clampdown on Tax Avoidance in 2013” »


Tips to Improve Home Security on a Budget

Tips to Improve Home Security on a BudgetMany households are now realising the importance of improving the security of their home, more so than say 10 years ago. However many people automatically think there will be a huge cost in implementing an effective security system. But, it turns out the cost of hi-tech home security components has come down in recent years. Continue reading “Tips to Improve Home Security on a Budget” »


Budget 2013 Help to Buy Scheme: Criteria and How it will work

Budget 2013 Help to Buy Scheme: Criteria and How it will workIn this post I won’t be professing the rights or wrongs of the new scheme but most people trying to get on the housing ladder or even moving up a rung will be pleased with the announcement of the Help to Buy and will be rushing to find out whether they meet the criteria and how the scheme will work. Continue reading “Budget 2013 Help to Buy Scheme: Criteria and How it will work” »


Summary of the main changes of the Budget 2013 for Small Businesses

budget response 2013Mr Osborne has said, “It could be worse”.  However could it have been better? And that’s surely the question. It would be interesting to hear your opinions. My feeling is that no government has the balls to make the difficult decisions required for the economy as it may lose votes. It’s all short term-ism.   Continue reading “Summary of the main changes of the Budget 2013 for Small Businesses” »


Tips for Improving Productivity at Work…or Anywhere!

Tips for Improving Productivity at Work Ok, so we have lots to do and I don’t multitask – I know I don’t.  My hubby on the other hand is rather proud of the fact that he can and I guess as a chef he’s had to (although I say he can’t).

However I read with interest that some of the best musicians avoid multitasking because it is felt doing so actually confuses the mind and leads to a lot more jobs that don’t really get done very well Continue reading “Tips for Improving Productivity at Work…or Anywhere!” »


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer or Solicitor

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer or SolicitorI’ve had experience of using legal services such as lawyers as indeed many homeowners or business people would. Of course generally lawyers drop their services into one of many specialisms – house purchase (or conveyancing), family (wills, divorce etc) and many others, but from my experience, finding a good one… now that’s the challenge! Continue reading “5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer or Solicitor” »


If you can’t manage your own money, how are you going to manage ours?

If you can’t manage your own money, how are you going to manage ours?An interesting question don’t you think? In other companies I’ve worked for, it was “kind of” assumed that as a manager got promoted and accepted more responsibility, so that responsibility included the departmental budget.  Now I for one, don’t believe that anyone can grasp any company or departmental budget without understanding their own domestic budget – in simple terms, if you can’t manage your own money, how are you going to manage ours Continue reading “If you can’t manage your own money, how are you going to manage ours?” »


Measuring an Employee’s Performance. So why did you employ them?

Measuring an employees performanceThe issue of staff turnover must be the most enduring subject and let me immediately say that I offer no earth shattering solution to the ongoing problems of recruiting the right staff for your business and keeping them motivated but, I do raise some points that might kick off some debate. Continue reading “Measuring an Employee’s Performance. So why did you employ them?” »


Stop…I want to get off!

Stop…I want to get off!How often during your career have you heard such comments as “we have to move with the times” or “we need to look forward?” The challenge as one gets older though, is that you get tired of the changes and having perhaps “seen it all before” – Stop the World, I want to get off! Continue reading “Stop…I want to get off!” »


To Blog or Not to Blog?

To Blog or Not to BlogSo could I be saying that unless you have a burning desire to write, you’re wasting your time with a blog? – err… no… but then again, perhaps?

The point of this vacillation is that with the untold millions of blogs out there, there are precious few that are followed and of real value. Continue reading “To Blog or Not to Blog?” »