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The UK business blog will provide information and advice on a wide range of business related topics including finance, employment, law, marketing, training, the Internet and everything in between!

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a valuable source of information, offering guidance from industry experts to help you to grow your business throughout 2012 and beyond. Our experts write for all experience levels, so whether you're new to business, a serial entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, we hope you’ll find our articles of interest and share your thoughts with others.


So you want to set up your own business -Part 2

Following on from my last blog, “Have you ever wondered about setting up an online business?” Continue reading “So you want to set up your own business -Part 2” »


Have you ever wondered about setting up your own business?

Many of us have and the challenges are many. Continue reading “Have you ever wondered about setting up your own business?” »


Free Top Online Business Listings

There is so much written about businesses who do well on the Internet ,how to improve your online business, how to improve conversion or sell more of a given range or item, but what if all you have  just a small website and no visitors to it and effectively no online presence? Continue reading “Free Top Online Business Listings” »


Is it worth advertising with a Vlogger?

Given that promotion on the Web in most any format is thought to be a good plan, I was most interested to read that companies who promote their brands using video blogs (or vloggs) are according to the article; simply wasting their money! Continue reading “Is it worth advertising with a Vlogger?” »


The 6 Marketing Weapons for ANY Pop Up Shop

Pop up shops are, quite literally, popping up everywhere. No one can deny their popularity, nor question their trendiness. Continue reading “The 6 Marketing Weapons for ANY Pop Up Shop” »


The story of a logo…

Ok, I’m opinionated, I admit it, but I wonder if I’ll be  vindicated here and I’ll explain more… Continue reading “The story of a logo…” »


The Offer of Government Apprenticeships

When I was at school I recall some of the boys getting apprenticeships with the then Austin Rover Continue reading “The Offer of Government Apprenticeships” »


The Peter Principle

Is there such a thing as the Peter Principle?

After being introduced to a dynamic, tenacious businesswomen recently, a close friend of mine decided to invest in her company, because the only thing lacking seemed to be a decent level of funding. Continue reading “The Peter Principle” »


What Drives Businesses To The Wall?

Its one thing to have a great business idea…

Continue reading “What Drives Businesses To The Wall?” »


Small Business Saturday 6th December 2014

Another import from the US after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday aims to support and promote small business. Continue reading “Small Business Saturday 6th December 2014” »


Key Points Autumn Statement 2014

Growth Continue reading “Key Points Autumn Statement 2014” »


The etiquette of working abroad

I have been aware for some time, that behavior, or let us to be more precise say “the way you greet and interact with someone from another country, particularly an Asian country, can leave a lasting impression”. A lasting impression be that a good one or a bad one, certainly a lasting one. Continue reading “The etiquette of working abroad” »


An increase in underpaid tax thresholds collected via PAYE

Continue reading “An increase in underpaid tax thresholds collected via PAYE” »


Data protection answers to small business questions

Contrary to popular belief “Data Protection” does not ban you from doing everyday common sense things to run your business.  Continue reading “Data protection answers to small business questions” »


Can I Retire Now?

It seems almost surreal to say so to some people “you could retire now”, but I really do wonder if people who would love to semi retire or finish working entirely have really thought carefully enough about the process or just leave it as an unfathomable dream? Continue reading “Can I Retire Now?” »


A Black Economy?

All indications are that even though high street spending has recently increased,new car registrations are breaking records and whilst we can shout “statistics and dam statistics”, with higher consumer spending and un-employment both low and in decline one would expect Government tax income to be growing, but it isn’t! So what’s happening? Continue reading “A Black Economy?” »


Diamonds As Investments

Although everyone appreciates the beauty of diamonds, not many see them as the investment that they are. Continue reading “Diamonds As Investments” »


Property Investment and Buy-To-Let in a Nutshell

If you’re lucky enough to have a tidy lump sum and little debt it’s a dilemma as to what to do with the money. With interest rates at an all time low leaving your money to erode in a bank account is out of the question, there is little confidence in pension funds, the stock exchange is volatile and how do you go about choosing the right fund anyway? Continue reading “Property Investment and Buy-To-Let in a Nutshell” »


Have Visitors But No Sales- What’s the problem?

So your online shop has lots of visitors but few sales…

Yes I know this is an old well worn subject and yes there are many articles on the subject, but I just wonder how many people miss the obvious. Continue reading “Have Visitors But No Sales- What’s the problem?” »


Stepping Into A New Market

If I’m setting up a business I confess to cutting a few corners, but as a serial entrepreneur, I tend to have a constant eye on the market, competition, prices and much, much more.

It struck me though, that some of the rules I follow don’t really have to be set in concrete. Most business people would consider these top points before setting out (in business or production/sale of something new) Continue reading “Stepping Into A New Market” »