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“Ever thought you just have too much info!”…


I for sure do! But thinking about it, I can’t help feeling that sometimes it’s my own fault (yes you got that right – my own fault) thing is I tend to be a bit nice, I don’t like to say no, I have time for your survey and truthfully I can get side-tracked by  interesting e-mails and I just have to check my emails every 60 seconds! Yes perhaps I’m my own worst enemy? Continue reading ““Ever thought you just have too much info!”…” »


Keeping Your Business Safe


Having your business property broken into or vandalised can be a very traumatic event for any business owner, often resulting in insurance claims being made or having to spend out of your own pocket to replace your much needed equipment.

Prevention is always better than cure, so if you think your business property might lack in security – or if the property might be vacant for a considerable amount of time – make sure to invest in a good anti-intruder system.

Continue reading “Keeping Your Business Safe” »


As cooking is to management

Ok, so perhaps you know I love food and cooking, but “as cooking is to management”? Well after organising a supper for friends recently the similarities between orchestrating a wonderful supper and the day to running of a busy business are indeed similar. For it all to go smoothly, it sure does involve a deal of skill and minute to minute co-ordination. Continue reading “As cooking is to management” »


Vans for Your Business: Buy or Rent?

Despite all of the jokes about white van men, van transportation is essential for many businesses to run successfully and efficiently, and the cost of a van should be factored in to business finances. But is it better to buy or rent a van? There are certainly pros and cons of each approach, depending on your business needs, and it is important to consider all factors before making a decision of this nature. Continue reading “Vans for Your Business: Buy or Rent?” »


Do I Really Need Key Person Insurance?

Successful businesses are built on successful people. It’s easy to forget things like insurance when you are busy running your company, chasing the next deal or contract. Business protection is something many companies don’t even know about. That’s until something happens to their key person. Continue reading “Do I Really Need Key Person Insurance?” »


Unequal pay for a job well done?

This video made us smile. I guess you might feel a bit sorry for the poor monkey who loses out also, but it just goes to show a natural distaste for unfairness.

Could there be a business lesson there for us? Could it relate to the business world? Certainly there are many, many people who feel distaste at the obscene payments to bank executives and the appointment of their cronies who continue the same circle of abuse, but what about younger or less experienced employee’s who learn very quickly and perform their role better than their peers – food (if you’ll excuse the pun) for thought.

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