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Coffee Time


Thinking of The Basics

You’ve been given more responsibility and you now realise you need to plan a little more– Trust me, it doesn’t really matter how senior the job is and you don’t have to tell the world about how you reached your decision, but you do need to take this new responsibility seriously and add some structure to the thought process. Continue reading “Thinking of The Basics” »


Principles of Management

If you’re contributing to a blog, a blog of any kind on any subject, it is often a challenge to decide what to write about or how to write it. Well we’ve written many articles on management and today I thought… “well, why not go back to basics” after all, many, many of us have had many years of experience, yet every month there are people new to management. Continue reading “Principles of Management” »


The Current State of European Car sales

Back in December 2012, it was reported that car sales in Europe had sunk to their lowest point since 1995. Italian manufacturer Fiat SpA (F), Renault SA and PSA Peugeot Citroen had the biggest falls in sales. This is due to a third-quarter recession in the 17 countries using the euro. Continue reading “The Current State of European Car sales” »


The Discipline of Focus

To focus is surely one of the most important disciplines.. Continue reading “The Discipline of Focus” »


Budget 2014 implications for UK SME’s

Mike Smith provides brief insight into the Budget and some of the implications for UK SMEs Continue reading “Budget 2014 implications for UK SME’s” »


Changing with a market

Now forgive me if this little post sounds like I’m boasting. I assure you I’m not, it’s just I think that sometimes someone who is less involved or not so emotionally tied up in a business can see the obvious when the proprietor simply can’t. Continue reading “Changing with a market” »


The Key to Blogging

So many people find writing a blog difficult and I can’t blame them! What do you write about, how do you write it, why does nobody read the darn thing or want to link to it – well I was sitting at home chatting to my other half the other day and he commented about a regular e-mail he receives. Continue reading “The Key to Blogging” »


Employers can reduce their Employer NI contributions from April 6th this year

The HMRC has now issued guidance and exclusions on how to claim up to £2000 per year of your Class 1 NIC’s and don’t forget it takes effect on 6th April 2014. Continue reading “Employers can reduce their Employer NI contributions from April 6th this year” »


Does old fashioned etiquette and dress sense matter in the modern office?

I ask the question because (as you can imagine) I do have my own views and I’d love to hear yours. It’s interesting to find people turn up for interview in dirty shoes and scruffy attire and yes, even today those first impressions do count. Continue reading “Does old fashioned etiquette and dress sense matter in the modern office?” »


So you want to work from home…

In this age of the Internet, there are many of us that either chooses or dreams of working from home. My partner and I do just that, and along with the many benefits such as flexibility, there have been some interesting challenges which may just be helpful to someone dreaming of turning the office light off for the last time . Here are a few of them that spring to mind. Continue reading “So you want to work from home…” »


What is the most important factor when recruiting?

I do honestly do other things than look through the Beeb all day, but I have to credit them again with a recent article on recruitment that caught my eye.

Just about every business person must look to Richard Branson’s success with admiration and it was Mr Branson’s thoughts on recruitment that caught my eye. Continue reading “What is the most important factor when recruiting?” »


Running a business in a war zone…

Well ok, perhaps not a war zone, but I spotted a recent article on the BBC website, which made fascinating reading. I’ve abbreviated some of its points here, as I was just awestruck. Of course many of the globe’s people have little choice, but how in God’s name do they do so? Continue reading “Running a business in a war zone…” »


What should you do with Mobile Phones in the Office?

I’d lock them all up! . Continue reading “What should you do with Mobile Phones in the Office?” »


Using the Open Market Option To Maximise Your Pension Annuity

Do you realise that even if you have been saving into a pension scheme with the same provider for your entire working life, when it comes to choosing how your pension fund is paid out, you have a greater range of choice than you may be led to believe. Continue reading “Using the Open Market Option To Maximise Your Pension Annuity” »


Online, speed is everything

High Speed Internet GraphSlow internet connections are one of the most irritating – and destructive – problems facing UK small businesses today. If the internet goes down altogether doing anything can be well-nigh impossible – not to mention the danger of missing clients, or potential clients, who are trying to get in touch. Continue reading “Online, speed is everything” »


Forget the marketing, we’re all for social media…

said the unemployed marketing manager! Ok, so social media must be the biggest buzz word for most companies now and lets face it, the way a company communicates with its prospects and potential customers has changed exponentially over the last few years. For many it’s difficult to grasp all the Facebook, Twitter ,“likes” and stuff (especially if you’re over 50), however are we able to drop the traditional marketing – indeed more to the point, should we? Well before you think I’ve finally lost it, I for one sit securely in the NO camp! Continue reading “Forget the marketing, we’re all for social media…” »


How Companies Avoid Corporation Tax

I watched a great video on the BBC with the beguiling title of “A Beginners Guide to Tax Avoidance”. It is a fascinating simplification and here is our summary. Continue reading “How Companies Avoid Corporation Tax” »


“Ever thought you just have too much info!”…


I for sure do! But thinking about it, I can’t help feeling that sometimes it’s my own fault (yes you got that right – my own fault) thing is I tend to be a bit nice, I don’t like to say no, I have time for your survey and truthfully I can get side-tracked by  interesting e-mails and I just have to check my emails every 60 seconds! Yes perhaps I’m my own worst enemy? Continue reading ““Ever thought you just have too much info!”…” »


Stop…I want to get off!

Stop…I want to get off!How often during your career have you heard such comments as “we have to move with the times” or “we need to look forward?” The challenge as one gets older though, is that you get tired of the changes and having perhaps “seen it all before” – Stop the World, I want to get off! Continue reading “Stop…I want to get off!” »


To Blog or Not to Blog?

To Blog or Not to BlogSo could I be saying that unless you have a burning desire to write, you’re wasting your time with a blog? – err… no… but then again, perhaps?

The point of this vacillation is that with the untold millions of blogs out there, there are precious few that are followed and of real value. Continue reading “To Blog or Not to Blog?” »

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