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Inspirational Thoughts to Keep You Motivated

Ramblings of a business blogger and a few great ideas to keep you going and inspire new thought…

Forgive me if you’ve heard some of these, but life and business can be a challenge and sometimes we just need a little nudge, so here are some great “nudges” that I like – I hope you like them too.

  • Remember the drains and radiators – If you’re spending too much time with people who drain your energy, shift the balance and spend more time with people who warm your heart – they’ll feel the same way.
  • If you’re writing, try not to stop with a sigh when you reach the end of a chapter, try to start the next chapter with enthusiasm. When you pick up your pen or brush again (ok put your finger on your keyboard again) you’ll know exactly where to start.
  • If you hit writers block, don’t allow it to stop you in your tracks. Make some memorable note, perhaps change font colour and just carry on with the next point. Your subconscious will most probably fill the gaps in whilst you’re at lunch and you’ll come rushing back to carry on.
  • Try and take a few moments every day to thank the powers that are greater than all of us for the good things in life – sometimes it’s difficult, but it’s also habit forming and really does put things in balance and helps though the more difficult days. Glass full rather than empty and all that. Sounds trite but positivity is a habit that can make you happy.
  • Remember how your favorite music fills your soul? Well take 5 minutes and play some to yourself, then head back to work with renewed intent.
  • If your life is getting you down, always remember you can change it – Yes you can! Of course they’ll be consequences, but you can change things and just maybe the consequences are stepping-stones to a better life.

Remember, even back in (I think) 1934 Dale Carnegie said “don’t settle for being mediocre or setting your sights too low, you could be selling yourself short!

Until next time…

avatar Name: Alexandra Eager
About: Alex has worked as a Financial Controller and Finance Director for many years for a variety of companies across a range of industries but more recently she has moved away from accounting working for an internet marketing agency as Finance and Operations director, primarily overseeing the finance functions and search engine optimisation (SEO) for clients. Follow Alex on G+ and on Twitter @Alex_BusDirUK
Alex runs her own company with two fellow owners developing a suite of e-commerce web sites and promoting them directly. “I found that SEO and finance were quite compatible both needing an eye for detail, research and analysis as well keeping up with new developments and changes.”

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