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Is it worth advertising with a Vlogger?

Given that promotion on the Web in most any format is thought to be a good plan, I was most interested to read that companies who promote their brands using video blogs (or vloggs) are according to the article; simply wasting their money!

An example of one such vlogger is a 24 year old young lady called Zoe Sugg. Indeed Zoe is listed in Debrett’s as one of the top 500 most influential ladies in the UK. The list incidentally includes such people as Stephen Fry. She has over 7 million subscribers to her YouTube blog (or vlog), nearly 4 million followers on Instagram and nearly 3million on Twitter.

Great! You may say, Zoe’s blogg just has to be the place to advertise my new brand of sunglasses, but alas, apparently not (according to the article), which goes on to say that although some of the more prominent video blogs get larger and more interested/engaged viewers than even celebrities do, they remain less than influential when it comes to the impact of a good advertisement.

Given that YouTube is the third most popular website across the globe, beaten only by Google and (you guessed it) FaceBook, this lack of impact is surprising to say the least, but the article went on to explain that in surveys, very few people found out about new brands or products via vlogs.

But while some prominent vloggers attract larger and more engaged audiences than celebrities do, they are still “a minor force” when it comes to successful advertising, according to GWI’s latest trends report.

Vloggers are the least effective source of product discovery, with just 7pc of all Internet users finding out about new brands, products and services via vlogs.

Indeed if only to taunt the advertisers, who apparently are heading to well known Vloggers in their droves with handfuls of cash (ok, my words J) the Telegraph goes on to list 18 well documented medium that are more successful including, the news or news, websites, recommendations by friends and search engines leaving a meager 5% of the 41,000 surveyed who would look at a Vlogger for a recommendation.

Even now, big brands are falling over themselves to get their product placement with a video blogger at as good as £4,000 a go, but only time will tell I guess whether any of that placement will reap rewards or as ever, will anyone know how to measure success? But then that’s for another time…

Until then, Alex…

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