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Twesumes- your CV or resume in 140 characters. Utter Tosh

Well,  we must be truthful and say that’s our own opinion of what CNN (we must credit the news channel with the original story) report is the hottest way to send your CV. Called predictably “twesumes” it involves as I’m sure you’ve guessed, writing  your CV as a Tweet in 140 characters.

Perhaps the most polite response we’ve heard is  the managing director of a top Hong Kong based headhunter who has said “I cannot imagine someone explaining their breadth of experience in 140 characters – nothing beats meeting someone in person and shaking their hand”. Having been privileged enough to visit Hong Kong and experienced first hand how polite the Hong Kong people are I can only assume Sai Pradhan is just one of those people.

The advice is to tweet to recruiters and hiring channels .You may perhaps get a tiny insight into an applicants articulation and sense of humour but nothing beats a well written , comprehensive CV.

The term itself (“twesumes” that is) first appeared in an article by Sean Weinberg on Mashable back in 2011, but I wonder if he ever thought people would take it seriously!

Of course nowadays any good recruiter will check an applicant’s online presence as part of the interviewing process and Twitter is just one of many social media platforms that any savvy social media person will embrace and upon which he/she will have an active presence and a goodly number of followers. Indeed anyone who  correctly engages with the Twitter community knows just how hard it really is to get several hundred real followers.

We read the 140-character CV has been muted in some circles as having great relevance in social media circles or when one applies for a social media position.The same principles for selling goods online can also be used for promoting ones self in the search for a job and if it’s a job in social media you’re after, expect the interview to include questions about your own social presence, but we question the risk of sending your CV via Twitter as a twesume! By all means attach one.

Am I beging old fashioned?

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