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Tips to Improve Home Security on a Budget

Tips to Improve Home Security on a BudgetMany households are now realising the importance of improving the security of their home, more so than say 10 years ago. However many people automatically think there will be a huge cost in implementing an effective security system. But, it turns out the cost of hi-tech home security components has come down in recent years.

Even if you can’t afford a top of the range home security system, read on as this post also offers some great security tips and looks at some cheap alternatives to help secure your home.

Get a Free Home Security Survey

Some home security system providers are happy to come and do a free basic security survey of your property. This can help you identify what are the most critical security problems to address first.

free home security survey

You should let them quote for a complete system, but ask them to break it down into components. You may find that looking at the cost in this manner will reveal it’s possible to do more than you thought. You could do some things on your own and save money towards the more complex components of a very effective system.

One example is ADT who offer a free security survey – Just google “Free home security evaluation + Your area” to find a representative local to you.

Look for “Do It Yourself” Security Alternatives

In some cases you may be able to do some things yourself to put off potential burglars. Here are some common areas that have helped some homeowners.

do it yourself security tips

  1. Install Motion Detection Equipment
    Installing motion detection equipment on exterior lighting is one good example. You can also buy detectors for inside the home. Some of these will activate radios or other electronic items that might cause an intruder to believe someone is home.One example is the Auto tracking LED Security Light, £51.92 – See
  2. Maintain Normal Home Activity Appearance – Even When You’re Out
    When you are going to be away you can ask family or trusted friends to come visit your home. They can rearrange window blinds and curtains, turn lights on and off and make sure your mail and papers are picked up as usual.
  3. Strengthen Door Frames and Door Locking Systems
    With a little help and some suggestions from your free home security survey you can go to the local home improvement centre, and ask them what things they have that can help you strengthen doors and locks. There are some fairly simple projects that will make it very unlikely an intruder can break into your home without making a lot of noise.
  4. Secure All Non-Door Entry Points
    • You could make sure every window has simple wooden rods that block the opening of a window. Take a look at this Ehow article on “How to stop windows from being opened“.
    • Sliding doors have tracks for the door that can easily be prevented from opening with a simple wooded rod.
    • Make sure that ventilation under your home does not provide an access point for intruders to get under the home and break in through the floor.
    • The same goes for attic ventilation vents. Behind these vents should be heavy duty wire so if an intruder breaks through the vent, making considerable noise, they will find a metal barrier to stop them from gaining entry.
  5. Install Cheap CCTV Cameras
    You can install some basic CCTV video monitoring systems, which are not inexpensive. You might ask the same company that did your free home security survey if they have any second hand equipment that you could buy too. This could save you money to help you get started. The home security provider may even offer to do a basic installation for a much reduced cost.An example of a cheap CCTV system:
  6. Family Security Awareness and Training
    All these steps and ideas can be reinforced if your family is involved in keeping the home secure. Have monthly family security review meetings.Let everyone get involved and share their observations and ideas. The entire family needs to take home security serious and know it is not to be discussed with anyone outside the home.

So these are some ideas that should hopefully get you started with affordable home security. I hope you found these tips useful and good luck!

Written by Lee Clements of Clements Locksmiths, Emergency Locksmiths in Coventry.

avatar Name: Lee Clements
About: Lee has been involved in all aspects of the security industry for over 23 years, with his main and now sole purpose being Locksmithing. Clements Locksmiths was founded in 2005 where upon Lee has managed his family firm. Lee has designed and manufactured tools for the locksmith industry as well as police and fire services and as a result this sees him now Training the relevant home office sectors in method of entry techniques.
Lee is totally dedicated to the locksmith industry, attending all locksmith trade shows and keeping current with all new products, as advising customers correctly is of vital importance to Lee.
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