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Be a little selfless this Xmas! #SelflessatXmas

Be a little Selfless This XmasI do hope you share or pass the message on in the spirit it’s intended as you never know, this Xmas we might be able to help a little with extra donations to charities.

It’ll soon be that time of year again and businesses are already thinking about designing and ordering Christmas cards for their customers and suppliers, but why not use the money you would have spent on those cards (that invariably get ignored and chucked in the bin, not to mention the impact they have on the environment) and donate it to charity.

Most charities now have some sort of Xmas gift catalogue and in my previous company we donated on many occasions to World Vision. I have also personally sponsored a child for many years.  Have a look at the success stories.

worldvision must have gifts

World Vision Must Have Gifts are an ideal way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas whilst sharing joy with some of the world’s poorest children. Every one of World Vision’s Must Have Gifts is a real item that has been specifically requested by the communities they work with and are gifts they really need. When you buy a gift, the purchase repays the funds they use, so that more children can be helped in World Vision’s ongoing work within their communities. So you are giving something that is sustainable and has such a huge and positive impact on others less than ourselves and has ongoing benefits. Read the success stories.

Giving a charity gift rather than Xmas cards or entertaining clients always received a really positive response from our clients.

There are of course many other charities, Oxfam being another and I am sure they would also be willing to help.

You could post a statement on your website and send out an email to your suppliers and customers explaining your choice (so your customers and suppliers don’t think you are being a skinflint). Most of these charities will allow you to use a relevant photo on your website and emails based on your donation . Below is an example:
borehole and hand pump“To all our valued clients and suppliers – Thank you for working with us over the last year and please accept this e-mail instead of a Christmas card!

We value your business and look forward to working with you next year, but instead of spending more money on Christmas cards we thought we would donate to charity and have donated £624 to the World Vision Charity for a borehole and hand pump. We hope you approve.

From the team at Bloggs & Co. Happy Christmas “

Given most company departments have a budget for Christmas parties as a way of saying thank you to their employees for all their hard work in the year, perhaps the party could be smaller and prominently promote the charitable donation you’ve given instead? After all, that way there’ll be less drunken repercussion the next day too!  You could also go a step further and match any employee’s donations with your own.

If you are an employee and reading this perhaps you could get together with your colleagues and speak to management about donating instead of having an Xmas party.

It would be good to know how you got on.

Remember to give via gift aid. It’s tax deductible too.

Images courtesy of Worldvision

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