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Is now a good time to buy Barclays shares?

Is now a good time to buy Barclays shares?With many banks taking a beating in the press over the last months, indeed years, Barclays Bank has continued to take an uncomfortable centre stage recently and it continues today, with criticism of Mr Jenkins appointment as the new CEO because he’s an insider (although I share the view that he may be the safer bet as he’s from the retail and business banking sector).

Along with a £290m fine, possible lawsuits from investors with regard to the Libor rate fixing scandal, PPI compensation, and talk of a Serious Fraud Office investigation launched into their cash bailout from Qatar, one would think these shares should be avoided at all costs.

Long term profits?

However there is a view from some specialists (I hasten to add that I am not one) that there may be good profits to be had in the long term. The shares have already been downgraded and after the scandals and dirty linen aired are priced in and that the shares are under-valued due to the low consumer confidence and distrust in banks in general.

Indeed the non-executive director Reuben Jeffrey 111 and member of the board risk committee (senior advisor at the center for Srategic & International Studies in Washington and former Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs) recently acquired some Barclays shares. Make of that what you will.

If you fancy a bit of a flutter, have some cash to spare and don’t mind the risk, they actually might be a good bet. It’s anybodys educated guess.

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