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Getting back to work after extended time off

So I’m lucky enough to have taken seven weeks off work! Yes seven – eat your heart out J. I won’t bore you with where my hubby and I travelled to, but what I would like to do is share with you some thoughts on the difficulties of getting back to work.

I guess it must be the same if you’ve been unlikely enough (as my daughter recently) to be off on extended sick leave, but even getting up on time is a challenge! You must know the feeling? You’ve been used to getting up when you want to and sometimes that means up with the lark’s because of the beautiful sunshine. We used to get up and go cycling in the wine growing regions of Portugal, down narrow roads between the vineyards and it was just sublime. Now though, back in the UK we struggle with damp, dreary mornings and the need to be in the office.

Well I hate to bore you, but we decided it’s all about self discipline again; as of course the self employed and entrepreneurial amongst my readers will understand, so we put together a plan!

The plan consisted of some of the most obvious things, but we were out of the swing of this of course so this was our approach.

Getting down to work! We sat down to eat supper together, which we would finish by 7.30pm. We would head for bed in relaxed fashion by 10.15hrs, put the clothes out for the next morning, slip under the covers by 10.45hrs and have our peepers closed by 11.00hrs. The alarm was set for 07.15hrs giving us (hopefully) 7 or 8 hours kip and hubby would be up to make the tea! Breakfast, a shower and sandwiches made by 08.15hrs meant we were heading for the office (a 30 to 40 minute drive depending on traffic) by 08.20hrs and in for 09.00hrs – all very simple and boringly structured but by planning it in detail and importantly both buying into the plan, we’re back to work!

Next problem is familiarizing ourselves with where we left off and being productive whilst we’re here!

avatar Name: Alexandra Eager
About: Alex has worked as a Financial Controller and Finance Director for many years for a variety of companies across a range of industries but more recently she has moved away from accounting working for an internet marketing agency as Finance and Operations director, primarily overseeing the finance functions and search engine optimisation (SEO) for clients. Follow Alex on G+ and on Twitter @Alex_BusDirUK
Alex runs her own company with two fellow owners developing a suite of e-commerce web sites and promoting them directly. “I found that SEO and finance were quite compatible both needing an eye for detail, research and analysis as well keeping up with new developments and changes.”

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