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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Website Online

If you’ve ever attempted to do your own internet marketing then you’ll know it can be a minefield out there. With all the misinformation and conflicting views it can be confusing to say the least when trying to work out the best way to move your site forward online. In this post, I want to explore some of the key elements that I think everyone would agree are fundamental to making your online efforts a success.


Do The Ground Work! Research Will Tell You What You Need To Know

It’s very easy to hit the ground running without planning your campaign properly. If you’re running a search engine optimisation or pay per click campaign then you’ll need to check if the keywords you plan to target actually receive traffic.

The keywords you were targeting may receive very little traffic so you should use a tool such as the Google Keyword Tool (on exact match) to determine how much traffic your keywords are receiving. If you’re new then you should target the more specific terms that receive less traffic but are easier to rank for!

Don’t Guess – Track Your Results

Just like our first point, data is powerful. You need to be sure that what you’re doing is on the right tracks and this is one area where a lot of beginners are let down.

Install an Analytics package on your site (my preference is Google Analytics) and begin to monitor your traffic, see what visitors are doing to your website. You can also set up goals and ecommerce tracking to give yourself even more data.

Once again, collect the data and put it to good use, don’t just guess when it comes to your website and its performance.

You should also track where your website ranks for its keywords if you’re performing SEO. This is a good measure of progress when compared with traffic.

Don’t Rely On Just Google – Use Other Mediums to Drive Traffic

It’s very easy to just focus on one medium or campaign to drive your website forward but you should use several, not only to achieve more traffic and customers but also to spread the risk if one doesn’t work out.

If you’re running an SEO campaign then you may want to start running Pay Per Click or run an email campaign with existing customers. Test several different mediums and use them to generate traffic.

These different mediums can give you new insights and data to help refine your others so it’s well worth investing the time and in some cases, the cash, to get them off the ground.

It’s Not a One Time Gig – Plan, Test, Review, Repeat

This is perhaps the most important point for anyone performing internet marketing to appreciate. Internet marketing isn’t a one-time operation. If you want to succeed then you have to continuously evolve your site and marketing efforts.

The market changes constantly so you must plan a test, perform it, review the results then repeat. An idea that worked six months ago may be outdated now. The cost of adverts may have increased and your adverts are being hidden and so on.

Keep testing new ideas and measuring the results!

Rounding Up

There are many techniques and tricks to succeed with your marketing efforts online but these fundamentals should always be in your mind.

If you have a clear plan, if you are measuring all the important data, if you have a spread of mediums and if you’re continuously evolving your efforts then you’ll be a great position to move forward.

avatar Name: Ed Baxter
About: Ed is the SEO manager at the leading search engine optimisation and adwords management, agency Ignition Search, based in Sheffield. Ed has more than 5 years’ experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Website Development.
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