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Using people assessments to help you select the right people for your business

Using people assessments to help you select the right people for your business.We’ve all hired a candidate who didn’t live up to expectations. They had the right experience, solid qualifications, good references and performed well at interview, but ultimately failed to deliver. Perhaps they left quickly, leaving you with the cost of recruitment, or worse, are still hanging on, costing you daily in lost productivity and low team morale.

Employees who ‘fit’ your business culture as well as they ‘fit’ the role they were hired to do, are more engaged and more likely to be retained. Measuring the ‘fit’ of a candidate will tell you whether a new hire is likely to perform in your organisation, help you avoid unnecessary recruitment costs (caused by attrition) and boost business performance.

People assessments can help you to accurately predict whether a candidate is a good ‘fit’ for your business. They identify the behavioural requirements of the job you are recruiting for and match this with the right candidates, giving your recruitment decision a greater level of certainty.

But first you will need to dispel the notion that these assessments are anything other than a measure of an individual’s ‘working style’ that effectively raise questions about a person’s ability to perform in accordance with the demands of the job.

Also often used in conjunction with aptitude tests that measure a person’s ability to learn new skills e.g. verbal reasoning and numerical, work place behavioural assessments provide an increasing popular solution to ensuring that organisations select the right people for their business.

avatar Name: Paul Ashton
About: Paul is a self employed business consultant, qualified technical author, proofreader and freelance journalist and has undertaken copywriting assignments for a wide range of publications and websites. Paul has spent the past 18 years with Thomas International offering organisations a wide range of assessment tools including DISC based Personal Profile Analysis and that help them select and develop the right people for their business.

Paul also enjoys an active life rambling around the English countryside. Playing cricket and golf are also favourite pastimes while trekking to 5000 metres up in the Himalayas of Nepal was a recent highlight.

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