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The UK business blog will provide information and advice on a wide range of business related topics including finance, employment, law, marketing, training, the Internet and everything in between!

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a valuable source of information, offering guidance from industry experts to help you to grow your business throughout 2012 and beyond. Our experts write for all experience levels, so whether you're new to business, a serial entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, we hope you’ll find our articles of interest and share your thoughts with others.


Options if your Business is in Decline

Of course there are dozens of reasons a company slips into decline in the first place and it’s a huge challenge for any owner MD or Chief Exec, although in that very statement we have already touched on a path forward! Continue reading “Options if your Business is in Decline” »


12 Tips for Choosing a Digital or Internet Marketing Agency

From a lay persons stand point how does a technophobe director of a small company choose the right digital agency to promote their website? In such a competitive market with so many agencies to choose and all of them waxing lyrical about how good they are, where do you start Continue reading “12 Tips for Choosing a Digital or Internet Marketing Agency” »


Thinking of selling a company – How?

Having sold a company with my husband and another one before that, a friend asked me yesterday how one goes about selling a company, where you start and it’s an interesting point. Continue reading “Thinking of selling a company – How?” »


How does one tackle BO in the work place?

I’ll tell you why I thought of writing this as I wonder how many of you have had to deal with the issue of cleanliness or body odour in the work place? I’m sorry to say that I have and it’s difficult to say the least!  Continue reading “How does one tackle BO in the work place?” »


8 tips for reducing recruitment costs for cash strapped small businesses

With high recruitment agency fees of at least 20% of annual salary, looking for alternative methods of recruiting is a high priority for a lot of small businesses. We thought that we would summarise a few ideas that have recently helped our limited budget start up businesses to recruit some great staff Continue reading “8 tips for reducing recruitment costs for cash strapped small businesses” »


Business Attire – Oh dear what should I wear for work?

Business Attire - Oh dear what should I wear for work?I was generally musing with my other half that in these days of such choice (in most aspects of day to day life) the actual amount of choice itself adds to daily frustrations as well as a certain element of stress. An example of this is general business attire and the choices we have now with regard to the clothes that we can wear for business and work. Continue reading “Business Attire – Oh dear what should I wear for work?” »


Using people assessments to help you select the right people for your business

Using people assessments to help you select the right people for your business.We’ve all hired a candidate who didn’t live up to expectations. They had the right experience, solid qualifications, good references and performed well at interview, but ultimately failed to deliver. Perhaps they left quickly, leaving you with the cost of recruitment, or worse, are still hanging on, costing you daily in lost productivity and low team morale. Continue reading “Using people assessments to help you select the right people for your business” »


Tips on Micro Business B2B Marketing

Of course there are many, many people who wax lyrical about B2B, indeed any dammed marketing, though I wonder if they really have any experience of it. Continue reading “Tips on Micro Business B2B Marketing” »


Using Facebook for Customer Service

In our experience, resourcing a social media campaign internally or outsourcing to a digital agency is not practical for most small businesses who are, at the very least, sceptical or do not have the time nor the budget to invest in something that doesn’t provide any specific or measureable return on investment Continue reading “Using Facebook for Customer Service” »


Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale Suppliers

Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale SuppliersIf you are on the hunt for legitimate, high-quality wholesale suppliers, one of the best places to start is at an industry trade show.

When launching an e-commerce business, one of the most challenging steps in the process is finding honest and reliable wholesale suppliers. Continue reading “Using Trade Shows to Find UK Wholesale Suppliers” »


Participating in your first Exhibition?

Participating in your first Exhibition?Taking part in an exhibition for the first time can be a daunting experience for anyone, big company or small. But if you prepare in the right way the results you can get out of that experience can be invaluable. Read on for some valuable tips for planning and attending your first exhibition. Continue reading “Participating in your first Exhibition?” »


Autumn Statement 2016 Summary

Given Brexit and the general economic uncertainty, Mr Hammond has come in giving  gloomy underlying  economic conditions, Continue reading “Autumn Statement 2016 Summary” »


I just can’t seem to get around to it!

Sometimes its just hard to get down to it… Continue reading “I just can’t seem to get around to it!” »


Dividend Tax Changes on 6 April 2016

New tax changes as to how dividends are taxed are due to take effect from 6th April 2016. Continue reading “Dividend Tax Changes on 6 April 2016” »


Summary Autumn Statement 2015

Here is a key point summary

Main Headlines Continue reading “Summary Autumn Statement 2015” »


Some challenging interview questions!

I remember attending several training courses on the subject of interview and selections techniques. Particularly in house training when I worked for some very large corporations. Continue reading “Some challenging interview questions!” »


Why Businesses Need A Staff Handbook?

Your staff handbook will play an essential role in maintaining success and progress of your company. Continue reading “Why Businesses Need A Staff Handbook?” »


How to make sure your business marketing is on track for 2016

October, November and December are months during which plans are begun for the following year. Continue reading “How to make sure your business marketing is on track for 2016” »


Being Charming In Business

My last blog considered the subject of being “nice” in business… Continue reading “Being Charming In Business” »


Sales slow? How about being a nicer person!

Well we’ve all met obnoxious, arrogant yet successful people. When you leave their company it’s hard to find something good to say about them, but what are the traits of the people who leave a mark on your heart? Continue reading “Sales slow? How about being a nicer person!” »

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